Woodly Harrelson To Star In A New Film On A Sinking Ship

The favorite actor Woody Harrelson has made to attribute in Ruben Östlund’s future satire name”Triangle Of Sadness,” and Charli Dean and Harris Dickinson also have hired for the film.

Where And When Can Film Start Shoot?
The movie, produced from the area of style along with with the uber-rich and it’ll start shooting on Feb. 19, 2020, in Sweden, signaling that the commencement of a 70-day shoot, that will lead to Greece along with a ship on the Adriatic. Östlund, who obtained the Cannes Palme d’Or together with his 2017 parody “The Square,” also penned the film.

The film is Östlund’s initial in the English language, and manufacturers are Philippe Bober in Coproduction Office and Erik Hemmendorff in Plattform Produktion.

Athens-based Heretic, led by Giorgos Karnavas and Konstantinos Kontovrakis, will even line create the Greek part of this shoot.

Hemmendorff said: ‘we’ve excellent places and we’re at home in Greece. Together with Heretic, we discuss the same way of shooting and admit their audacious way of getting creative answers as we move.’

‘It seems great to come with a buddy like Erik whom I’ve known since our years in ACE and an artist such as Ruben whose work was revolutionary for our creation,’ additional Karnavas.

‘That I am certain the areas of this film is likely to produce lots of individuals wonder about the richness and the diversity of the Greek landscape.’

Dean and Dickinson will comprise as a perfect couple is called to some luxury cruise. After the ship falls, they become stranded on a desert island with a bunch of billionaires and a cleaning girl — that the only one that knows how to fish.