Woman Planned To Cut Fiancée’s Head Off For Wealth

The woman tried to kill her Fiancée :

An Oklahoma woman arrested and sent to jail. She tried to chop off a man’s head in their McAlester house.

Sources stated that Crystal Haworth aged 30 years. She stepped into the Pittsburgh Sheriff’s office. She covered with blood. This incident took place on Wednesday. She admitted that she frequently attempted to chop off her fiancée’s head. The man was 57-year-old. His name was Leonard Brokshalder. She did it during the fight inside their apartment.

Charges against the Woman :

The suspect charged with first-degree murder on Thursday. Her bail set at $ 1 million. The victim’s family member gave a statement. They said that Lenny has been loved by his family. The family will always miss him. They are astounded by this incident. This is deeply painful for them. We want this woman to be punished to the most extent authorized by law. This terrible crime will always have a bad impact on their lives.

The victim declared dead at the hospital:

According to the authorities, prosecutors rushed into the residence. That is located near G Street and Polk Avenue. There, they found the unconscious man. He had many piercing cuts on his body. There was a cut on the neck. The neck cut almost beheaded him. They took him to the hospital. He was declared dead by doctors. Doctors were from the McAlester fire department.

The suspect reportedly confessed to officers. She said that she was engaged to Brokeshoulder for several months. She planned to murder to own his property.

Crime Rate in the U.S. :

Crime in the United States documented since the establishment. Violation rates fluctuate over time. With a noticeable increase after the early 1900s. The crime rate scores caught a peak between the 1970s and early 1990s. After that crime has decreased significantly.

All states have a set of laws enforceable inside their own borders. No State has authority outside of its border. They have to ask extradition from the state. If the suspect has escaped. In the year 2014, there were 186,873 crime suspects outside particular states. Philadelphia has around 20,000 of these. Because it is near an edge with four other states. The handover assessed to pay a few hundred dollars per case.

Summary of arrest record from California shows that several common reasons for criminal arrest are for violent sins. Such thievery and mugging. Property crimes like robbery and car theft. Including drug offenses. For misdeeds, the most frequent causes of arrest obtained traffic sins. Distinctly disabled driving, drug sins, and derelict to appear in court.


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