Who Can Be The Astronaut And Rhino In The Masked Singer Season 3? Know Here


Mask Singer costumes for year three might be the best, however.

However, who would be the lucky contestants who play week after week at those elaborate outfits? Below we show the crucial clues and forecasts for every one of the artists involved with the winter 2020 season. Additionally, it includes actors who’ve gone home so much during season 3… Quite only, several spoiler preparations.

The Banana

Mask singer demonstrated: Brett Michaels.


Promotions are utilized to perform on stage, as shown by a video. Their very first pack of monitors featured a poisonous pufferfish and a blue-collar. Banana”needs to adopt [his] flaws and stone [his] self.”

The Kangaroo

Masked singer demonstrated: Jordyn Woods.


Jeeva wears several chains around her throat. Kangaroo wishes to”bounce back” after making headlines for all the wrong reasons” because of his son’s entrance.”

The White tiger

The masked singer showed: Rob Gronkowski.


The white tiger has eight big blue rocks in his match. White Tiger was teased as a winner with 51 tigers. The White Tiger revealed the beginning of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg speech in his monitor bunch.


The Mask Singer Reveal: Jojo Siwa


T-Rex reported that, such as dinosaurs, it had been”found by yet another.” The singer claimed she had been sent to a location named Isla T-Rex, where she had been among those contestants that”murdered the property.” T-Rex said that”the devastating event changed my world forever.”

The Swan

The masked singer showed: Bella Thorne


Swan’s Clu package showed her ballet moves. Hans explained: “I’ve practiced sports. I’m living with a celebrity. I saw pity. And I affirm, in this phase, where I come from, which you didn’t even know my name” Hans’s bunch of cues comprised vampires from a safety guard.


The masked singer showed: Sarah Palin


Bear wore adorable shoes and enjoyed the colors blue, pink, and purple. The bear was Aces and King in their monitor bundle. The bear appeared to be a baseball enthusiast.


The Mask Singer Reveal: Tom Bergeron


Taco”needed to safeguard our planet.” Taco shows the VHS tape, boat anchor, and troll in a tiny track package. Taco promised to be”a cozy part” of their own lives for”decades.”

The Mouse

Mask singer showed: Dionne Warwick


Mouse revealed a drama known as”Bang Bang Formation.” Mouse”loved to perform the part of walk-on” rather than accept”nothing less than golden.” The mouse monitor package comprised two warrior footballers with”19″ and”79 amounts”.

The Mouse

Mask singer showed: Tony Hawk


The elephant has been associated with birds. The elephant stated that if he were younger, he’d opened a”parked seat.” The security guards recorded in the Elephant Track Bundle displayed many skateboard-like images.


Mask singer revealed: Tony Hawk


The elephant has been associated with birds. The elephant stated that if he was younger, he’d opened a “parked seat.” The security guards recorded in the Elephant Track Bundle displayed many skateboard-like images.

Miss monster

The Mask Singer Reveal: Chaka Khan


Miss Monster sported large pink lips, a massive bow, and long shiny claws. Miss Monster had hairspray and fire number 10. The Miss Dragon Clue Bundle comprised a queen chess piece.

The robot

The masked singer showed: Lil Wayne


According to the promotional video, for now, the robot has been related to the civilization of the cowboy and Texas. It was known as”PT” through the robot monitor package. Robots were considered”inhuman” previously. The robot track package comprised a toy skateboard that crashed to a toy fire truck.

The Llama

Mask singer showed: Drew Carey


From the promotional clip of this app, the lama was viewed together with the CD”Audio of Seattle.” “23.3 The Wool” was likewise known as from the movie. The llama had a camera around his throat.



The astronaut wears a costume very similar to the MTV Music Video Awards” Moonman.” The astronaut is coated in gold.

The nighttime angel


Night Angel” She’s been doing so since she was a teen ” Though she missed her prom, Night Angel made sure to receive her degree and continue her schooling. A clue package for your Night Angel comprised a mural using a fireplace, a candy pot, a white enthusiast, a castle, and a strawberry.

Main forecasts: Kandi Burruss, Taraji p. Hanson, Jeffrey Star

The Frog


The frog says it’s”a cassette to observe.” Rana won’t be”Rana.”



Kitty is wearing a vegas outfit.

Central forecasts: Elizabeth Berkley, Elizabeth Gillies, Sabrina Carpenter, Kate Bosworth,



Rhino wears classic pilot clothes. Marketing asks the Rhino mask”fly” resembles.

Top Predictions: Jack Black, Nick Jonas

The Turtle


The Turtle wears jet black hair and a leather coat. At a promotional video, Turtle is seen near a framed purple top, with a”C” along with a group photograph on the wall. The turtle hamburger or cook is worried. The Turtle feels that everybody around him fought”tooth and nail for sleeping ” Turtle washed a surfboard at the movie of his monitor bundle.

Top Predictions: Jessie McCartney, Billie Joe Armstrong, Adam Lambert


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