What is Obamagate Foundation and Why Trump Work on it.

On Friday, previous US president Barack Obama declared fear at the lawsuit department omitting charges. However, they charge Donald Trump’s previous national security attorney Michael Flynn. The government fired him in 2017. As he was lying about discussions with the Russian ambassador.

Trump took the moral raised spot and kept a quiet silence?

Not actually. He celebrated Mother’s Day diving into the rightwing fever lowlands. However, he unleashed plenty of tweets and retweets attacking his forerunner.  He said just “OBAMAGATE!”

Added link to a post that stated, Barack Hussain Obama is the first Ex-President to eternally declaim fronting his successor, which was a long opinion of dignity and behavior. Trump continued: “He got caught, OBAMAGATE!”

Actions of Trump on Tweeter

Trump tweeted back to Buck Sexton, a rightwing podcaster stated to the Trump. He stated that the sociable president worked his last weeks. He worked in the office to target incoming leaders and destroy the new administration. The president then continued his review: The largest political crime in American history.

In other comments on Thursday last week, Trump declared without evidence. He stated that the Obama administration targeted Flynn to take down Trump himself.

Flynn, a retired general, asked guilty to making false declarations. He now declares he did not lie and wants to uphold out of the case. Trump and his followers took on recently exposed FBI reports from discussions with Flynn. In which he is declaring they show he was the victim of dirty cops.

One written note from the FBI’s director of counterintelligence stated. It is stating that What’s their goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so they can sue him or get him fired?

Did this pin on Obama?

Associated Press concluded that It is true that the research into links among Russia and the Trump operations. Trump and Russia in particular, began during the Obama administration. But it continued well into Trump’s presidency.

The inquiry into Flynn was attained over by a special counsel. Rod Rosenstein selected him as Trump’s deputy solicitor general. The internal FBI communication that has appeared in the last two weeks. And doesn’t tell agents saying that the goal of the research was to bring down a president.

Is it a distraction from something?

Some complainers think Trump is carelessly trying to divert recognition from his chaotic and faltering answer to the pandemic. Because the US death toll beats 80,000 and the market admits the worst job needs.

Trump finally started his political profession by starting the “birther” plot theory that Obama was not born in the US. And so that should not be acceptable for the administration.


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