Venom 2: Director Andy Serkis Share Update About The MovieVenom 2: Director Andy Serkis Share Update About The Movie


Andy Serkis, manager of Venom two, shared with a little update regarding Venom 2.

Andy stated It’s Thrilling
On February 2, in the EE British Academy Film Awards, the Lord of the Rings legend said that ‘Well, you know, I really cannot talk a lot about it I know, dull — but we’re 40 days to the filming, and it is thrilling.’

‘We have the magnificent Tom Hardy, who is clearly in the middle of this, and we see that a deepening of this relationship between him personally, and there’s a nemesis personality and… that is all I could say.’

It’s lovely to hear that the manager of the film is having a fantastic time working on Venom two.

Venom 2 Release Date
At this time, the launch of Venom two isn’t officially supported yet. The very first Venom film hit theatres on October 5, 2018, and it seems that Venom 2 will be published in October. Venom two will turn the question mark over her relationship with Eddie Brock at the end of the first film to a complete stop.

One new addition to this cast member of Venom two is anticipated to be Naomie Harris. Even though it has to become 100% confirmed, it seems highly likely that the James Bond star will play the protagonist Shriek from the Venom 2.

National treasure and regular Tom Hardy buddy Stephen Graham has also been verified to combine with the Venom sequel. His function in the sequel hasn’t yet been confirmed as of today.


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