UFC Fight Night: Thiago Moise defeated Michael Johnson with lock submission

UFC Fight Night: Thiago Moise defeated Michael Johnson with lock submission

According to the bettors, Michael Johnson and Thiago Moises had an absolute embarking passionate dead-even fight in the main card of UFC lightweight fight night.

The fight was totally in control of Michael Johnson, as he always tried to push it forward, and was in the search of the opportunity to land the knockout blow to put his competitor to snooze, but later in the early phase of the second round, Thiago Moises managed to lock Michael Johnson in an ankle lock heel hook which made Johnson to submit.

Micheal Johnson was far better in the first round of the whole fight, and fighting between both made every viewer on their feet, Johnson played well by steering cleanly on Moises at will and bringing upon noteworthy damage on his counterpart.

Even after being injured by Johnson, Moises managed to hang on till the end of the fight of the first round, but as soon as the second round took place he shot for the takedown and landed it. Johnson, to his credit, tried to sneak his way out of the submissive action but failed to do so,  as Moises grabbed a stronghold on his leg and locked him in a heel hook, which lead to a quick tap out by Johnson at 25  seconds of the second round.

If we talk about the bet on the players, it was seen by the ratio that everyone was expecting Michael Johnson to be the winner.

The bets on players were like this:                                                                                       Michael Johnson: +100 to -112 which is 73% handle, 70% bets.                      Thiago Moises: -125 to -112 which is 27% handle, 30% bets.

If we talk about the fight history of Michael Johnson he has notched up three wins in his last ten fights held in the Octagon. Johnson’s fight with Moises was his second lightweight fight after assembling a two-win and two-loss record.

Whereas Thiago Moises is also a former Ultimate Fighter finalist and had 12 win and 4 losses in professional MMA, and had one win and two losses in the fights of Octagon before his clash with Michael Johnson.

The time when the fight gets started is at 6:00 p.m. ET on the channel ESPN+, because the fight is a part of the preliminary card.


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