Two Texas Fugitives Arrested Of Shooting Georgia Deputy
Two Texas Fugitives Arrested Of Shooting Georgia Deputy

An absconder both shot an officer next he caught them. On Monday

Police in north Georgia is seeing for a two of Texas outlaws. Two Texas Fugitives Arrested Of Shooting Georgia Deputy. They shot an administrator later police arrested them. With a lifted trailer beginning Monday morning.

Dalton Potter, 29, has been credited with an increased attack for firing multiple shots. At Whitfield County Sheriff’s Deputy Darrell Hackney of the vehicle of a truck. As per the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The officer is in steady-state

Two Texas Fugitives Arrested Of Shooting Georgia Deputy
Two Texas Fugitives Arrested Of Shooting Georgia Deputy

The Hackney vest kept him, GBI responded. And he wasn’t severely injured.

Hackney and another officer exchanged gunfire. But Potter went south on Interstate 75. A few miles under the road. He hit a truck near the Whitfield-Gordon County Line and left on the footing.

The other defendant is identified

Next on Monday, the GBI named another fugitive. They stated was included in the shooting. And he was found on video in one of the links. Near where Potter hit the truck. 

As per the GBI, duo Potter and Jonathan Hosmer, 47. Reside fugitives, and Potter should be deemed “loaded and critical”.

Police have surfaced the talked about the two prisoners. To different police services also.

Police have taken one of two Texas refugees. Craved in the firing of a Georgia assistant on Labor Day.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation states Jonathan Hosmer, 47. He is presently in charge. But Dalton Potter, 29, rests on the run.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington has been serving. The manhunt for Potter. And it was on the display when agents got a tip.

Law police have arrested one of two Texas outlaws. That wanted after a Georgia deputy fired.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation announced Tuesday. That 47-year-old Jonathan Hosmer is in jail. And that 29-year-old Dalton Potter lives at high.

The GBI states the 29-year-old Potter shot various gunshots. At Whitfield County Sheriff’s assistant. Darrell Hackney when traffic ends on Monday.

Washington saw as patrol cars

Those cars rushed by ere she and her cameraman went back. Inside their broadcast truck to support the agents to Cline Road.

Agents brought out their guns. And requested a home and nearly trailer. They formed a line and casually strolled. Near the wooded field behind the house. But he had no luck.

However, deputies think both the research effort. And situations will guide them to Potter.

“We’re pursuing every point that we hold right now. A really heavy hard patrol with sealed and unmarked pieces.” Sheriff Scott Chitwood stated.

“If you’re working without food and water. In this flame and you’re on the way. I would assume that you’re using down a bit.”

Jonathan Hosmer, age 47, is in FBI custody. Dalton Potter continues at large.

The GBI also issued on Tuesday new frame footage of the times leading up to the firing.

Potter and Hosmer saw chasing a borrowed trailer in Dalton. Georgia briefly Monday morning.

When Whitfield County Darrell Hackney analyzed. To lead a traffic stop, Potter can be regarded. In the video quickly grabbing an atomizer. And firing cracks at the agent from inside his vehicle.

We will continue updating you with the persisted reports. Stay tuned.


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