TVNZ Breakfast Host loses her baby during COVID-19

TVNZ Host loses her baby

Hayley Holt is a New Zealand television host and is currently working in the TVNZ Breakfast show with the co-presenter John Campbell.

Hayley announced that she was pregnant with her first child live on the Breakfast in January.

On Friday, TVNZ announced that the Holt’s baby boy expected in July had died.

Hayley Holt’s Breakfast co-stars paid tribute to her lost unborn baby during this lockdown.

Campbell who was visibly upset said the viewers: “That we all know someone who is not with us is our beautiful Hayley Holt, and added that we just want to begin this morning by sending our love to you, Hayley, and telling you that we’re with you and we know you’re with us, and we think about you all the time and we miss you, and we’re so sorry you have had such a tough time, but we’re really proud of you.”

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Holt was in isolation to keep herself and her baby safe.

When Holt announced her pregnancy, she told viewers: “I’m so happy because this was something I wanted for a very, very long time, and I thought my time was running out, but it hasn’t.”

But while sharing this joyful news, she also shared that she was feared that this might never happen for her, because of her age.

Hayley’s first pregnancy is at the age of 39, which is considered as a “geriatric pregnancy” because she is over 35. And according to the statistics of New Zealand, the median age for women to fall pregnant with their first child is 28.


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