Tricks to avoid malware while working from home

Tricks to avoid malware while working from home

As its the time of lockdown, everyone is preferring working from there homes. As to stay is the best vaccine to stay safe from the dangerous rife Corona Virus. Here today we brought some tricks for you to avoid malware and viruses to enter your PC. This especially helps when you are working from your home and you don’t have mechanics to sort the malware out from your PC. Continue Reading!

We are having four tricks to make Malware stay away from you and your PC. If you follow these tricks. We are pretty sure that you will not gonna face any difficulties related to Malware in your PC especially when every shop is close.


To separate work and fun devices is the best way to secure your PC. Also, it helps in the good productivity of your PC. You have to disperse two types of devices. One is the work devices which you usually use to work on. And the second one is the fun devices that means the devices which are related to games and entertainment. When you keep the play devices separate from your work devices. You will ensure that the play devices in your PC Do not harm your work devices by getting mix into it.


This is the precaution everyone has already taken. But it’s our duty to remind you that if you have not installed it yet. Go fast and download an Antivirus tool. We are going to recommend some good sources which work very well. They are Trend Micro, Norton, and McAfee. This will absolutely keep your devices and data safe from the bloody Malware. Every device connected to your home network must be having Antivirus installed in it. This also counts mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets on the list.


We know that the updates which ping us every now and then are very irritating. But guys, these updates are very important. This plays a very important role in making our devices Malware and Virus-free. Malware finds its way to enter into your device is through the outdated versions. If you are using the latest versions by updating each and everything, then Malware will prefer to stay away from your device. If you want then you can make your update setting automatically. So by doing this your device will be updated automatically when you are not using your device in your off-hours.


You sometimes find yourself sending and receiving more emails than usual. Because you are trying to get in touch with your teammates as you all can’t meet every day because of lockdown. So as your office is close you are preferring to get in touch by emailing each other more. But unluckily, cybercriminals are trying to hack on this increase in emails due to lockdown. They launch a deluge of spam and phishing emails. Moreover, nowadays the fake emails include information about Covid 19. Developing Cyber Hygiene along with traditional hygiene is the best way to keep safe your device from such cyber crimes.

We will soon be back with other such interesting tricks and topics. Stay Updated!


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