Tom Ellis Has Not Met His 2 Daughter For Over Past 7 Months
Tom Ellis Has Not Met His 2 Daughter For Over Past 7 Months

Tom Ellis has not met his 2 daughter for over past 7 months. Tom Ellis also known as Lucifer Morningstar shares the agony of not meeting his own 2 daughters. Since the past seven months because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The lockdown next being implicated in Los Angeles.

The star accords custody of girls Florence, 12, and Marnie, 8 with his ex-partner Tamzin Outhwaite. Moreover, additionally owns Nora, 15, from his earlier relationship with Estelle Morgan.

Tom, 41, remained in the middle of shooting the fifth set of Netflix’s Lucifer. Meanwhile, California arose a stay-at-home order. That caused it tricky for him to travel to the U.K to meet his girls. 

Know Why Tom Ellis Has Not Met His 2 Daughter For Over Past 7 Months:

Tom Ellis Has Not Met His 2 Daughter For Over Past 7 Months
Tom Ellis with his daughters

And like everyone, Tom is handling the result from the continuous global COVID-19 pandemic. As it has obstructed him traveling to meet his daughters. The Miranda star moved to shoot the fifth season of his smash Netflix series. Just then production was closed down and the self-quarantine order was granted in California.

Articulating to The Guardian, Tom stated that it has been unbearable. There is a bit of you that is not there if they are not nearby. he doesn’t ever actually desire to be in that headspace ever again. Aspiring to remain positive. When the globe is befalling apart. Moreover, having your kids apart from you plus not kenning you will heed them was quite…Yeah.

The statement added that the Netflix star denoted arranging to fly back to the UK. For a long-awaited gathering with his daughters. Which he was formerly programmed to visit after shooting wrapped.

Why The Couple Separated?

Tom shares guardianship of his girls with previous EastEnders star TamzinThey were married in 2006.

Their marriage ended later Ellis reportedly admitted of cheating on her. With a co-star in 2013, with rumors alleging it remained a one night stand. He departed out of the apartment he shared with Tamzin in 2014 weeks.Tamzin is now in a loveship with Tom Child, 28. That indicated there was more to story.

Meeting After 7 Months To His Daughters:-

The actor said in an interview that he is presently preparing a fabulous reunion with his daughters. Later seven long months of staying away from them. Despite this, it is complicated since Tom’s travels to the U.K. They both will have to go into self-isolation. When he reach and go back to America.

About Both Stars’ Current Relationship Status:

Last year, Tom wedded Meghan Oppenheimer’s subsequent four years of dating. Alice’s partner, Meghan, is a screenwriter who drafted an episode of the 2015 movie. Such as We Are Your Friends. Even she penned Fear the Walking Dead. Furthermore even produced Queen America which is a Facebook Watch set.

Tom departed from his ex-spouse Tamzin in 2014. Their nuptials is assumed to have ended after the star confessed of dishonesty on desiring actress Emily D. Revin. Tamzen, 49, is presently in bond with actor Tom Child, 28. Also defended her 21-year gap ahead this year.


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