The Russo Brothers Opened Up On The Possibility Of Iron Man Return In The MCU


Avengers: Endgame was a massive victory for the MCU, the film was among the greatest films ever bringing back all of our favorite superheroes in precisely the same time in the fantastic conflict with Thanos; nevertheless, not our superheroes made it towards the ending.

Wonder Women and Iron Man sacrificed themselves to the planet, fans were frustrated with both these deaths and were always asking if these figures could somehow be repurchased to life long MCU film.

Here we’ve got The Russo Brothers, which will describe to us exactly what we can expect in the future pictures of MCU!


Russo Brothers had a substantial effect on the manufacturing of Avengers: Endgame, they murdered a lot of characters. However, fans were frustrated mainly with Tony Stark’s departure, and he was able to hold the Infinity Stones and had this kind of fate in the film.

But, as stated by the Russo Brothers, there’s a chance that Iron Man can return to life long MCU films, Anthony Russo explained they know that audience was attached to those figures. However, if there’s possible for the character’s revival, they’ll work with it.

Also, he stated that there has to be a sort of excitement in bringing his personality back. They require an extraordinary story to tell that’ll surprise the viewer. Also, it ought to be a compelling, innovative, and inconsistent story that will tempt the audience.

With that said, we believe the Russo Brothers will bring back Tony Stark in case of the plot permits, for we might need to wait for official information regarding the forthcoming MCU films.

Stay tuned together to receive the latest updates in your favorite movies and shows, until then read on!


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