The Goonies 35th Anniversary Celebration: See Cast United On Zoom


The year 2020 had brought a hell of downs and ups for everybody with more of drawbacks, the latest being the Coronavirus pandemic. The deadly virus has caused a lockdown of the whole world, making people sit within their houses.

But it’s not creating anxiety among the people ( and it shouldn’t create) since they’re trying to stay positive, help others out and take advantage of the moment. So one recent case of the renowned Goonies cast who predicted it to get a reunion through the Zoom Program to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the treasure hunting movie.

The whole cast reunited together with the timeless filmmaker Steven Spielberg that made it more enjoyable to observe. Steven attracted so.many old memories and events to life once more. He told regarding his intention of developing a sequel of this movie many times, but it all went in vain because he believes that the criteria set up from the cast couldn’t be matched.

Steven also shared how he created the concept of producing this movie and making it. Everybody was current, from the whole cast to the authors and soundtrack supervisors that turned up for a fantastic cause too.


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