The founder of Texas Equisearch filed a case on Galveston County to handle the remains of a little girl

The founder of Texas Equisearch filed a case on Galveston County to handle the remains of a little girl


A case is been record against Galveston County by Tim Miller. For the over the treatment of his little girl’s remaining parts, for subsequent time.

Tim Miller’s daughter Laura Miller, 16, considered to be one of the four victims of the “Killing Fields” murders that took place in the 1980s and 1990s in Leauge City off an earth street among Houston and Galveston, his daughter was the youngest of four females.

Tim Miller is the founder of the EquuSearch search and recovery has sued Galveston County for the second time.



“Miller and the family sued Galveston after learning that they buried only partial remains of their daughter. And the remaining portions of her body were still with various entities and had not returned to the family for burial.”

Miler disclosed his daughters remains ad then reburied her after receiving what he thought was her remainder. Miller settled the first lawsuit in 2000 with the former Galveston County Medical Examiner, DR. W.E. Korndorffer, who is now deceased.


Miller said he received a call last October from the Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Office, notifying him human remains found in a file box bearing the case number for Laura’s murder.

He received this call for the remains may be still at the ME’s office after DR. K.E. Kondorffer got decease.

“Do you think it’s right that now I got to bury the same child three different times because of your all’s mistakes?” said Miller.

“You know, here we are, it’s only one of them a huge number of errors that have been put forth in this defense,” said Miller.

Mill operator said when he was informed of the recently found remains, Leauge City police send them for DNA testing. Yet they’d return because police didn’t send a correlation test.

Miller said by the time he was notified, the ME’s Office sent the remains at the University of North Texas for the test. But they send them back because the University of North Texas (UNT) lacked a DNA sample for comparison.

Association City Police office let them know, ‘Gracious, we approached Miller for his DNA, and he would not offer it to us,’ which is a 100-percent lie, said Miller. Miller said this is why he hired a well-known Houston attorney, Tony Buzbee.”They have compounded this pain over and over and over,” said Buzbee. “We are going to get to the bottom of this, we are absolutely going to get to the bottom of this”.

An attorney of Galveston County, Paul Ready said, Laura’s remains were handled by the former Medical Examiner. And said you can not sue the county for breaching a settlement agreement done with former Medical Examiner. He also provided the KPRC document with Miller’s signature from 1986. The documents state Laura’s remains donated to the county. Miller replied, “That’s not at all what he agreed to. Why would he do so.”They are offering them senseless contentions,” said Buzbee.


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