‘The Flash Movie’ Makers Are Searching For A New Iris


Warner Bros, The Flash was gone under a lot of modifications from scriptwriters to supervisors into the launch date varies, and today we’ve got a new update on the future of the film.

Fans of Scarlet Speedster were starting to wonder if we’d ever find a solo film for Your Flashnonetheless, this solo movie was supposed to introduction in 2018, but there were numerous changes in scriptwriters the manufacturers couldn’t make a determination.

As per a bit of fresh news concerning the coming The Flash, Kiersey Clemons will no more be Iris West at the next film, and lovers are commonly disappointed since they were excited to view Kiersey.


The personality could be described as smart, daring, consistently using a phone in hand. She could be considered a lively, stubborn cub reporter to the Central Citizen.

Kiersey Clemons was cast as the first Iris West at Justice League. However, after Joss Whedon was brought on, she was no more part of the movie; nonetheless, we got to watch her at a deleted leaked spectacle, and lovers always expected that we’d get to watch Kiersey as Iris at the upcoming films.

The Flash was in creation for too long today. However, the casting team searching to get an Iris means that things are going ahead for the film. We sill don’t have a specific release date for the movie as it keeps moving forward.

We’ll keep you updated on the most recent information regarding The Flash before then read on!


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