The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7: Review And Ending Explained


The show revolved around a bunch of individuals that necessarily treasure seekers are hoping to learn that the Oak Island treasure.

They experience a succession of myths, turmoils, and occasions to reach the alleged treasure.

The episode revealed the Lagina brothers have quite a great deal of proof that they’re working to find out to combine the 200-year-old mystery that would make out a strategy to get to the treasure finally.

The brothers didn’t find much in this year, but they make sure a hell of riches is hidden on the island. Many enthusiasts claimed that this may be quite a pale end to the show and that it may not come back with year 8.

While the other enthusiasts raised particular questions regarding specific elements shown from the series, which had no excuse located in the finale event, this offers a hope that all those pointers may be replied in a new year.

This clearly showed the inquisitive fans were slightly disappointed with the end as they had been waiting because long to unravel the mystery of this cursed oak island that couldn’t be seen from the seventh season too.

The treasure hunters have been seen saying they wouldn’t be departing the island till they discover a breakthrough. Consequently, it appears that there may be a renewal of this show, the affirmation of which hadn’t come up formally from the History Channel.

It would be fantastic news for those audiences as all their questions would be solved.


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