The Couple was Arrested after a 16-year-old death, when her body was found in the forest

The Couple was Arrested after a 16-year-old death when her body was found in the forest

Before the girl’s body was found in the woods, a 16-year-old girl was brutally murdered, Police said on 27th May 2020. In Havant, Louise Smith was found after 14 days. After she vaporizes from her home, Hampshire on May 8 on account of telling her friends she was leaping out. However today Hampshire Constabulary declared that they were regarding the high schooler’s passing as a murder.


The last pictures of Louise’s life were been sort out by the investigators. The occurrence in Louise’s life between the day when she was out of reach and on 21 May was totally blurred. However, DCS Mackechnie found out that Louise was living in a high rise Ringwood house in Havant before her death.

DCS Scott Mackechnie stated, “This is presently a homicide examination and we are truly centered around finding who is answerable for Louise’s death. The idea of our examination is trying to sort out the last pictures of Louise’s life surprisingly”. Police would not tell out the reason for the death of Louise or even when she passed out. However, after death has been completed. Further Mackechie added to his statement, “I have genuinely decided and loyal examination group. The group will soon find out about who is liable for the murder and every detail”. Louise’s mom is constantly mourning her. Her mom’s name is Rebbecca Cooper. She is lamenting now when she knew the confirmed news about the body which was found was of her daughter. The body was found in the woods on Thursday.

One day before, in the evening her mother feeling proud posted the pic with her little girl on the internet. The caption of the pic was, “So glad for my girl Louise”.

On May 27, Louise’s group put flowers at the passage to the copse, with over 50 bundles by its door


Many of the notes read ‘Tear’ but one was unique. The person wrote, “Your life was just hardly starting, find happiness in the from now on excellent girl. Fly high Louise”.

Jackie Meredith who is there family companion put a bundle and also cheer the police to get to the base and find out the accuse and every detail. Mrs. Mederith gave a statement,” She was a very beautiful little girl and her family was perfect as well. She was only a teenager and just started living her life. She was a lively and light-hearted girl”.


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