German Football Game The Bundesliga is Back. So Why Isn’t Your League?

German Football Game The Bundesliga is Back. So Why Isn't Your League

As it is proof to a wider Political Reality. The return of matches is not so much testament to German Soccer’s avarice or its flat management.

The Bayer Leverkusen’s player has a list of six questions to answer. When every morning they wake up in the hotel room ordered for their week-long Quarantine. The questions asked to them are like:

How they are feeling?

How they Slept?

If they notice any of the symptoms of the Corona Virus Rife in them when they were sleeping?

All these types of six questions are asked by the Club to the players. After answering all the questions, the players can go for breakfast and that too also the self-service. After eating well, they have to go to the Club’s training facility. In case, any player is running with an undetected fever, they have scanned their temperatures before entering into the club’s training facility. If the temperature is normal, they are allowed to enter into the training facility room.

So, after passing that test of temperature checking, they have to move forward towards the changing room. But not the room that they usually use in sharing with others. They have to move to separate changing rooms in which only a couple of teammates can share and not all and take shower afterward. Also, the players are clear with the showering instructions. And after taking the shower, they have to return to there hotel rooms.


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