The Biggest Loser Season 18: Who Won! Explained!


At the season 18 finale show for the network’s weight loss, Bob Harper happily informed the father of three more teenagers that he would become the winner of $ 100,000! Dibtista, weighing in at 385 pounds, began his journey on display and was determined to leave the weight for himself, his circle of relatives, and his group.
Who won the biggest loser season 18?

As it was documented during the season of the display, DiBattista did not have to grow like his people, who too soon gave way. Due to the show’s support and assurance, DiBattista completed a first-rate physical transformation by losing 144 kg.

Dibetista, who thrilled through the results, ran into the audience and gave trainer Erica Lugo a huge hug. Now educated at 241 pounds, he embraced his spouse and children, who were shedding tears with guiding their change.

DiBattista defeated individual contestants Micah Kollum and Kyle Yeo, who also had great changes in weight loss. Kollam lost 99 pounds in a similar manner, while Yoyo misused 86 kg.

Jim DiBattista! Explained to the biggest loser

Later, DiBattista showed that he misused an additional 11 pounds, reducing his total weight to a hundred and fifty-five pounds.

Ever since I came home, my lifestyle changed drastically. I dine, I get up and go through the gym way first, I need to be a better person. “Getting back into the real world definitely brought about a change.”

When she said he almost slipped into a work dinner, DiBattista said that she was conscious that she was consuming what she thought was the biggest loser. In addition, he was so thrilled that he was now able to join his family in an amusement park.

“I’m ready to show my kids when you grow up. It’s okay to take a touch time and sound for yourself,” he said. “Currently, I meet with a touch of luck for a wedding or two. And, maybe I’ll actually be grandparents. It’s so energetic; I can’t wait!”


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