The Big Flower Flight On Netflix: Release Date And Much More


The biggest online streaming platform Netflix, will be launching a second first, and indeed, one of its types shows on the tiny screens. This time, it’s a reality series titled The Large Flower Fight.

As its name implies, it might be a blossom sculpting contest wherein the opponents need to demonstrate their best abilities to split out the best in the blossoms. Sounds a bit intriguing, is not it!

Release Date Of The Large Flower Flight

The series would be hitting our screens on May 18, 2020, and hosted by the renowned comedians Vic Reeves and Natassia Demetriou.

The contest will include ten teams who’d be assigned a new job in each episode, whereby they need to curate the very best blossom installations employing the offered flowers and other organic materials too.

What Do We Expect From Your Large Flower Flight?

The least intriguing one could be removed in each episode. This is intriguing since the winning group could be allowed to design their installment to be set at Royal Botanic Gardens, London.

Number Of Episodes

The entire idea behind such a blossom competition is to earn the folks love these creations that aren’t given due care and respect that they deserve.

Judges of The Large Flower Flight

Now speaking about the judges, it could be Kristen GriffithVanderYacht who’d be linked with a brand new co-judge in each event; a number of the titles are Simon Lycett, James Wong, Sophie Walker, and many others.


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