The 100 Season 7: The Extended Trailer Released By The CW


The 100 Season 7 is nearly upon us, lovers and fans are trying to process that the craziness of Season 6. Not every movie manages to kill both prominent characters, perhaps detect the alien technologies, and present literal body-snatchers all in 1 year.


Releasing Date

The series airs on E4 from the UK but does not have a premiere date. Season six-hit The CW in America in April 2019, together with UK audiences needing to wait till September 2019.


The 100 relies on Kass Morgan’s string of postsecondary Young Adult books, but it is attached so much into the mythology over its six seasons that it is virtually an initial. Rothenberg affirmed to TVLine that year seven will revolve around The Anomaly as anticipate, given the grownup Hope twist.

The simple fact that Hope is now in her early twenties when three days past she had been a germ, will begin to assume a few things concerning the Anomaly and roughly where we are moving. Rothenberg also told TV Guide that it is a safe bet that we will see Sheidheda again and there will not be any time traveling, the narrative picks up right after the season mend finale.


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