Texas Bar Owners don’t want to wear Face Masks inside Bars

Texas Bar Owners don't want to wear Face Masks inside Bars

The customers are not allowed to wear masks and cover up their faces in a Tavern in Elgin, Texas. The owner of the Tavern hanged a board of the statement says, “Due to our concern for our citizens if they feel the need to ear mask, then they should probably stay home until it’s safe”. To this statement, one of the residents of Elgin replied whose name is Ross Owens. “I think that’s a risk. I think that’s foolish. They’re taking chances they don’t need to take especially if they’re in public service”.

When the census for the population was carried in 2018, Elgin was having a little more than 10,000 residents. Since the start of Corona Virus Rife, the city Elgin’s 52 residents tested positive having Corona Virus.


Co-Owner of the Liberty Tree Tavern said, “It is more of a push back – the snitches, and the contact tracers out there. This is still a rural county”. Smith says, “I’m still following the guidelines of social distancing. The guidelines set in place by the World Health Organization and Disease Control Centers”. Charles Chamberlain is not at all annoyed by the statement board hanged by the Taverns. He was instead eagerly waiting for the Liberty Tree Tavern to open fast again. He gives a statement, “I stage 4 cancer survivor. It’s just a choice. He just put that up there to let people know if they aren’t feeling good, then they maybe shouldn’t come. Everybody is keeping safe distances, they are well adjusted”.

On the Main Street of the Elgin, you will find businesses of two types in this situation of COVID-19. Some business has made masks compulsory for the customers to wear. And some businesses just gave the choice to wear the mask or not to the customers. So the second type of business gives choice to customers whether they have to wear it or not on their own risk.

An owner of ETX Travel in Elgin, Sherrill Schier gave a statement. “I don’t know anyone personally- and I know a lot of people- that’s gotten the virus or has died. People are just all right, we are a small town. We don’t have much crowd. We are Okay.  Schier has masks on her hand for her customers though she herself doesn’t wear.


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