Teenager dead after police shoot at George Floyd protestors

Teenager dead after police shoot at George Floyd protestors


As we know that the objection is going on in the US regarding George Floyd. When the protest was going on with so many people gathered in one place, the police fired just to disperse the crowd. A 19-year-old teenager was shot in the firing and passed away. The place where the firing took place is near the Detroit’s Greektown Entertainment district in Michigan. This happened on Friday night when the police were facing a crowd of protesters. Though one of the police official spokespeople gave the statement that not any of the policy of the department was involved in the firing.


The victim of the firing who was shot dead was a 19-year-old teenager. He was a man. He was immediately taken to the hospital and there in the hospital, he took his last breath. The shooter went into the crowd in a Dodge Durango and the firing took place at approximately 11:30 p.m.


According to the reports of police, there are no further additional details available of the victim who was shot dead. Also, the shooter’s details are also not available yet who shot or shots in the crowd. Mobs took to the streets in the city after an erstwhile Minneapolis Police were filed with manslaughter. He was charged with manslaughter over the death of Mr. George Floyd who was a black man though. During the arrest, an officer handcuffed the black man, and literally Floyd was begging for the air because the police officer brutally put his knee on his neck for a couple of minutes. According to the Police, in the Protests, many people were not living in Detroit they came from other places. Also, many people were arrest during the protest. Officers, many in the riot gear, faced the protesters and formed a line across the streets.


The crowd in the night was so much that at last police decided to shot the gas containers to the crowd in the protest. The presentation of the crowd in front of the police was starting from the daylight. But it was all peaceful in the day as the protesters have done rally to the Detroit police headquarters.

Also, the Chief of the Police, James Craig, gave a statement to the media in the evening. “We know that the people from outside the city of Detroit who came along with all at the disorder location don’t represent this city. The number of people who got arrested and also the number of people who got injuries during this is yet not revealed”.


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