Survivor Winners at War Finale Recap : Season 40

Survivor Winners at War Finale Recap : Season 40


OK, before knowing the winner, let’s jump into the information gathered by us.

Survivor’s 40th season– the season finale, a battle of the champions has marked 20 former winners fighting against each other. They fought against each other a battle for the final showing off rights. It came to an end on Wednesday night. Another player also joined Sandra Diaz– Twine as only the two-time victors of the franchise. The war finale’s winners include the following players:

  1. Tony Vlachos
  2. Sarah Lacina
  3. Ben Driebergen
  4. Michele Fitzgerald
  5. Denise Stapley

Waiting for another player to join them as they won the challenge called ‘Battle Back Challenge‘ which is conducted to bring back players who are on the end to be extinct from the war/battle/game.

As I told you above that they were all waiting for a player to join them. So, I think now it’s the right time to reveal that player’s name. Shall I? FINE. So that player was….was none other than Natalie Anderson. You Remembered? Natalie Anderson? Yes, you are right! None other than the first person who was voted out of the game exactly on the second day of the game. And if you remembered then he had also used three advantages to won the field and to defeat other players in the field.

After coming to the battlefield, Natalie was in full mood to use an immunity idol which she already bought along with fire tokens. And she used it! And one more immunity idol she found in the jungle. So she was having two to get herself win and make her place in the final 3. So, Are you guys excited to know who became the first victim of our Beauty with Brain Natalie Anderson? The first victim of the immunity idol used by Natalie was Denise. And after this in the mid of the final, it was the most shocking moment that the crying Ben has given chance to Sarah to vote himself out. Oh! Did you just think that Sarah missed this chance? No Dear, no one will never do this type of mistake and that too in the finales. She fully took benefit of this permission given by Ben to her and she voted him out.

After voting Ben out, Sarah got the benefit of raising her resume after knowing that Natalie was still left with one more immunity idol. When Natalie Anderson won the final immunity also, she forced the ‘R‘ cops Us allies, Sarah and Tony, to do battle at the fire. Natalie brought Michelle with her till the end of the battle as she won the final immunity. Tony and Sarah fought the battle at the fire with the winner heading to the final 3 and the loser going to the Jury with teary eyes. That moment was very emotional. The atmosphere also became emotional. This season was started with lots of beasts attitudes’ and fist bump and ended with lots of tears, hugs, kisses and ‘I LOVE YOUS‘ and ‘WE ARE FAMILY‘. And without any doubt, THE WINNER OF SEASON 40 IS TONY VLACHOS.


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