Supergirl Movie Halted Indefinitely! This Is What We Know


No, this isn’t linked to this Supergirl web series that plays on the tiny screens. We’re speaking about the Supergirl film.

Supergirl can be located from the comic books, as the elder cousin of Superman that has come back to Earth from the planet Krypton to combat with the evil forces. The scriptwriting for this particular film was going all great but sadly was put on hold as a result of continuing Coronavirus or even COVID-19 pandemic.

The reports say that the manufacturers had intended to start the shooting early 2020, but sadly it also became among the targets into the continuing international pandemic. Fans should, nevertheless, not blend the Supergirl movie with the internet series happening.

We are considering that DC’s web lineup and Movieline are different. We can’t say much about the cast and the narrative now as it’s in development phases.

The fans were quite excited as the primary antagonist Brainiac would eventually come on displays against the Supergirl that moment. Plus, it would be fascinating to understand as to who will play both lead roles.

We just know that the movie was put on hold for an extended period with no hint of whether it would occur in the not too distant future or not.


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