Suicide Squad’s David Ayer Opened Up On A Potential Fan Theory Of Joker


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad Published in 2016. The film made a great deal of cash. Additionally, it won an Academy Award because of its makeup. The film didn’t leave an effect on the market and the critics. Several have been frustrated with how Jared Leto’s Joker has been treated.

Tattoos On Joker

Since the launch of the film, the lovers have contested the number of tattoos that adorned the Clown Prince of Crime’s entire body. The term damage’ which has been tattooed on his forehead, stood apart.

Fan Theories Online

The fans are coming up with a variety of theories to get the reason for the tattoos on Joker’s entire body. One fan recently put a persuasive argument linked to the symbol Damaged stamped Joker’s forehead. Some connected it to Robin’s departure and some to his connection with Harley Quinn.

The enthusiast’s concept was that Batman ruined the grin of Clown Prince of Crime when he attempted to take revenge for Robin’s departure and neglected. He frightened the Joker.

Confirmation From The Director Himself

David Ayer, the manager of Suicide Squad himself, affirmed the enthusiast’s concept about the tattoo. He retweeted the enthusiast’s concept and tweeted”Just” with it, confirming that the reason for the symbol.

Though fans won’t have the ability to view Jared Leto portraying the part of Joker shortly, they’ve something to drool over.


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