Sport Star Shoaib Akhtar Response to Defamation Notice

Sport Star Shoaib Akhtar Response to Defamation Notice

The matter starts by calling Rizvi “inept” by the fast bowler of Pakistan, Shoaib Akhtar. He called Rizvi “inept” when he was finding fault in the three years banned and discarded Test Batsman Umar Akmal. Tafazzul Rizvi is the legal counsel of the Pakistan Cricket Board. He is serving since so long. Shoaib Akhtar called Rizvi ‘inept’ on his YouTube channel. Later on, Rizvi sends defamation notice to Shoaib Akhtar. When the defamation notice was sent to Shoaib Akhtar by Pakistan’s Cricket Board’s legal counsel Tafazzul Rizvi, he responded it. He responded to the defamation notice by calling it “legally defective, merit-less and misconceived”.

Shoaib Akhtar demand an apology from the legal counsel Rizvi who had tried to “publically humiliate, degrade, defame and ridicule” Shoaib Akhtar. Akhtar said, “Whatever I said on my channel was for the betterment of Pakistan Cricket. And to point out the board where it needed to put things right. Whatever I said about Rizvi was based on my personal interaction with him”. He tweeted, “My comments about PCB and Mr. Rizvi are the expression of opinion given in public interest to point out shortcomings in PCB with hope for improvement”.

Umar Akmal has some corruption cases on his head and for that Rizvi demanded Rs. 10 Million from Akmal and also an apology. Mr. Rizvi told that if Akmal will give Rs. 10 Million, they are gonna donate it. But Akmal has made up his mind to fight against all the charges made on him.

The fast baller Shoaib Akhtar loves to dive into controversies. He recently suggested a charity match between Pakistan and India to raise funds for the Corona Virus rife. But he also got a sharp response from the former Indian players.

Pakistan Cricket Board had said in its statement, “The language used by Shoaib Akhtar was highly inappropriate and disrespectful and cannot be said in any civilized society”.

Rizvi had highlighted the following points in the legal notice sent to Akhtar:

  • Retracts his statements.
  • Tenders an apology that should not be conditional.
  • Pays rupees 10 Million in images, which will be donated to the Medical Centre of LHC Bar Association.
  • Hold back from repeating and making further defamatory remarks against the lawyer.


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