Spider-Man 2099 Show To Arrive On Disney+ Anytime Soon


Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse finished with the many Spider-Men coming together. Spider-Man 2099 afterward made an appearance during the credits of the film. He might find a stand set.

About Spider-Man 2099

Back in 1992, Marvel had established a comic series’2099′ imagining the way the superheroes are going to be in the long run. Spider-Man 2099 was part of the sequence. Spider-Man 2099 is a cyberpunk thriller located in Nueva York. He’s got spidey abilities together with sensitive hearing and eyesight. He’s got razor-sharp talons in his hands and feet that let him scale the walls.

A Sony And Disney Collaboration 

It’s been noted that Sony Pictures and Disney possessed Marvel Studios have been in discussions to make a Disney+ series starring Spider-Man 2099.

Rumor Or Truth?

By Bounding Into Comics’ Mikey Sutton, the manufacturing homes are joining hands to make a standalone collection of Spider-Man 2099. He explained, “Spider-Man is coming to tv. It absolutely will not be Peter Parker. I got a telephone call earlier this day I want to know a Spider-Man 2099 live-action series was discussed for Disney+. To put it differently, this is a Sony-Marvel Studios cooperation if it’s greenlit using Kevin Feige operating the controls. I know very little of the house, and while I typically attempt to dig deeper before releasing a narrative like this, this origin was true in the past. I’ll continue to ask about and keep you updated.”

As of this moment, this is only a rumor.


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