An origin has authenticated that Netflix won’t create the next season of this musical play. The soundtrack was canceled following the first season — that the soundtrack that published in December 2019 on Netflix.

What Can the Series Serve?
The show served a different set of interconnected individuals in contemporary Los Angeles, all of whom were related to the town’s music industry.

The series was initially led to flow at Fox in January 2018, then afterward obtained a series sequence at Netflix in July of the year (under the first name Mixtape) while Fox decided not to proceed ahead with the job. The series opening finally got an average grade of “B.”

Creators Display Disappointments On Social Networking
Show’s creator and executive producer Joshua Safran (Gossip Girl, Quantico) took to societal websites to maintain his disappointments with the rapid axing, saying the Soundtrack team worked intensely onto it and felt they’d left something different, new, spooky, and, well, amazing. And, it vanished. Hardly even made examined. We separately feel as if it never seems.

Additionally, he also recognized the fans who’d locate the show, in addition to the cast and crew, and urged anyone who hasn’t seen it give it a go, remarkably because its single-season does end with a feeling of the ending. We hope you have to view it.


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