Soul Icon Betty Wright Dies at 66

Soul Icon Betty Wright Dies at 66

Bessie Regina Norris, also known as Betty Wright, was an American Soul and R&B singer, background singer, and songwriter. She was born on December 21, 1953, in Miami.

Wright died on the Sunday morning of May 10 in Miami at her home at the age of 66. The news was confirmed by the singer’s relative. And several media outlets listed the news.

The real cause of Wright’s death has not been out in public. But Steve Greenberg of S-Curve Records told the New York Times that Wright had been diagnosed with cancer.

Wright adopted her stage name Betty Wright when she was just a kid. She started singing at the age of two. She used to sing gospel in a gospel group with her siblings.

They released an album in 1956 when she was just three. She was the youngest in the seven children.

Wright switched from gospel to R&B at the agee of 11. She started her career by singing at the local talent shows in Miami.

Wright got her to break in 1971’s with her song “Clean Up Women,” which had combined elements of funk, R&B, and soul.

The song was recorded when Wright was just 17 years old. The song made its place in the top 10 of both the Billboard R&B and Pop Charts.

She has also won Grammy for her hits songs “Clean Up Woman” and “And Where Is The Love.”

After “Clean Up Woman,” which was written by Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke, she had her first hit of the song “Baby Sitter,” which was written by her in 1973, which showed off her “whistle-register” vocals and ultra-high singing style.

She had spent much of the rest of her life as a producer and mentor to young artists.


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