Sony appoints Josh Cole to direct Malamander Movie

Sony appoints Josh Cole to direct Malamander Movie

Pixar alum Josh Cooley and Toy Story 4 director has his next film in place. He is stepping the world of live-action from the world of Animation. Josh Cooley has signed an agreement with Sony Pictures to make a movie titled Malamander.

The movie is based on the 2019s best selling children’s novel written by a British Writer Thomas Taylor.

The story is based on Eerie-on-Sea, “a town on the seaside filled with weird and mysterious characters who are as dark as it is a winter fog.” In the novel, we see a young boy named Herbert Lemon and teams up with a girl named Violet Parma.

The teams up to find the parents of the young girl whom she lost when she was a child. The search will set them off on an adventure that involves a half-man, half-monster, whois said to makes dreams come true, and also a hook-handed man who is following them.

Josh Cooley is not the first Pixar Alumni who is going to direct live-action. Brad Bird has gone onto helm films such as Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Andrew Stanton has directed a Disney flop, John Carter.

After which both the filmmakers shifted back to Pixar to direct more animated movies.

Once in an interview, Cooley said: “Creating and directing films and telling stories at Pixar for 17 years has been a dream of me. The quality of our storytelling was a direct correlation to the quality of the people at Pixar who has shaped those stories together, and they will always be my family. And while it was a hard decision to leave, I am so excited to jump into and create new worlds with new collaborators and partners.”

“There are so many stories that I want to tell you all with the magic of the Pixar, I wish I will be able to carry it wherever I go.”

The book Eerie-on-Sea has been translated into 20 different languages worldwide, and also has been got nominated for Carnegie Medal.

Even the sequel of the book has been launch on May 7 in the U.K. named GARGANTIS it will be available in U.S.A on ay 26 at the Walker Books or Walker Books US.

Cooley has spent 17 years at Pixar, and has worked as a storyboard artist on movies such as ‘The Incredibles and Cars’. And has worked as a writer on 2015’s ‘Inside Out’, for which got nominated for Best Original ScreenPlay.

His dreams did not stop there he wanted to achieve more and wanter to uphold the legacy, which happened when he took on the fourth installment of the company’s venerable TOY STORY franchise.

And the results we know it melted hearts of everyone in a phenomenal way resulting in the movie collected more than $1 billion at the box office.

And the were reward with Oscar fir Best Animation in February. Cooley decided to leave the Pixar in mid-march just before the coronavirus pandemic was imposing all over the world.

He quickly lined up the slot after directing gig or Paramount and Hasbro’s inaugural Transformers theatrical animated movie. Malamander is his second get.


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