Slack Application Down is it true

Mackbook, Twitter Slack is down or not


SLACK IS DOWN! Your Slack also not working? Mine too! We are all facing the same problem since Tuesday evening. The whole world is facing this problem.


So in all the Windows, Macbooks, web, mobile apps…everywhere the users suddenly faces problem in using Slack on Tuesday evening. Many are not getting the messages or are unable to send messages. The problem leaves the companies to scramble to communicate right at the end of the US workday! The chat app went down exactly at 4:53 pm on Tuesday. As per Slack’s status page, the service would begin approximately an hour later, i.e., at 5:50 pm.

Around 5000 users complaint regarding the issues occurring while using the Slack on Downdetector. Because along with Slack all the mobile and web apps all seemed to be affected. Some users reported that there Slack couldn’t load at all. They got only the error message whenever they tried to open the Slack after the Slack issue: 503 services unavailable. Some Slack users also twitted that they found some of the Slack channels completely blank and that they are unable to write messages also.

Slack wrote,” Users have reported general performance issues such as message sending failures and timeouts. We are working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible and will provide an update shortly”.

At 5:02 pm, the company posted another update,” Users are unable to connect to Slack. We are looking into it and will give an update shortly”.

By 5:39, Some users updated that the service had been put back though others were still facing the same problem- their app wasn’t working still. But below everything, whether you take it as good or worse, but the email was working yet. Although slow, you can still communicate with your fellow employees. At least your work won’t stop.

At 8:45 pm, Slack updated, saying,” Some customers may be facing improvements,” and really, some of us are able to connect now. Again at 10:45 pm, Slack reported that according to Slack, services should be fully restored now.


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