Singer Sonny Parsons dies of Heart Attack at 61

Singer Sonny Parsons dies

Sonny Parson was a Filipino actor, director, singer and politician within the Philippines. Jose Parson Agliam Nabiula was well known as Sonny Parsons (June 13, 1958 – May 10, 2020) in real. A former member of the ’80s male song-and-dance group Hagibis ceased to a heart attack at the age of 61. Sonny Parson was born in 1959 in the Philippines. He has done lots of excellent work on Capt. Rassul Alih: Hindi sa’yo ad Mindanao, The Fastest Gun Alive of WPD and Bala para sa katarungan.

Sonny Parson was a member of Hagibis, an all-male song-and-dance group within the late 1970s to 1980s. He was a councilor in Marikina City. Parsons was president of the Allied Forces of the Philippines Civilian Volunteers(AFPCIV), a legitimate NGO which has a mission on compassionate response and anti-crime operations within the Philippines.

News About Death of Sonny Parsons on media.

The news of the death of Sonny Parsons confirmed by news on Sunday afternoon. Manuel Rigor, a member of the 1970s disco group VST and company, reported as Parsons had left this world. He said that Parsons was in Batangas, and he was riding his big bike as he was on the way to Quezon Province when he ceases a heart attack.

Rigor Wrote on Facebook that “Ride free, Parsons. We had good and bad times. Salamat sa mga alaala, okay. You will be missed. So sad.” Actress Vivian Velez, director-general of the Film Academy of the Phillippines (FAP), had expressed her sorrows over the singer’s decease. Many celebrities saw their sadness in this incidence. Vivian Velez also posted on Facebook “Another Legend of OPM’s Pinoy Discorama…REST IN PEACE Senyor Sonny Parsons of HAGIBIS.”

Parsons had worked on many good things during life.

Parsons, along with members Mike Respall, Joji Garcia, Bernie Fineza, and Mon Picazo, founded the famed Manila sound group. They gave good hit songs like “Babe,” “Katawan,” “Legs,” and “Lalake”–with the last being the theme songs of “Palibhasa Lalake”–among others. Besides singing, Parsons also worked over to acting in television and even the movies.

Parsons was a founder and had become president of the Allied Forces of the Philippines Civilian Volunteers(AFPCIV), a well-known NGO that’s mostly focused on humanitarian response and anti-crime operations within the Philippines.

The Hagibis starred in an exceeding film named “Legs Katawan Babae” in 1981. Parsons also joined Ronnie Rickets’ action film “UZI Brother 9mm” in 1997. And he produced, directed ad starred the movie named “Bala Para Sa Katarungan.” When he won as a city councilor in Marikina, he also ventured into politics.

Last appearance… 

Parsons’s last appearance on TV acting was a guest role as a significant villain to Coco Martin within the 2017 storyline for “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.” before his death.


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