Silvia Romano Returns Home After Rescue from Somali Militants

Silvia Romano returns Home

Silvia Romano, 25, is an Italian aid worker who was kidnapped 18 months ago in East Africa, arrive in her hometown Rome on Sunday the next day after getting free by her kidnappers.

She was kidnapped in November 2018 from Kenya while she was working for an Italian charity called Africa Milele Onlus was seized by gunmen from a small rural hotel in Kilifi Country. It is suspected that she was kidnapped by Islamist group al-Sahab. It is believed that she has been taken to Somalia afterward. A reward of $10,000 (£8,060) was also kept by Kenyan police for the person who helps to find Ms.Romano.

It has been believed that Ms.Romano was the first foreigner to be kidnapped.

The external intelligence agency found her on Saturday in Somalia some 30kms away from the capital of Mogadishu, said Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. Italy’s secret service is said to be helped by Turkey and Somalia to guard her release.

Silvia returned to Rome’s Ciampino Airport from a special flight at around 14:00 hours local time(CEST). She covered her face with mask and hand with gloves due to the pandemic restrictions.

She hugged her parents and sisters and was welcomed by Italy’s Prime Minister and foreign minister after she landed in Rome.

The reactions to her rescue were very exciting. After landing, she said she was feeling well both mentally and physically. Mr.Enzo, Romano’s father said, he was bursting with joy. Church bells were rung, and people applauded from their balconies in her hometown Milan after her return to celebrate her release.

“We’re so glad to welcome Silvia back in such a sensitive moment for the country. The state is always there and will always be there,” Mr. Conte said.

He thanked the intelligence services, the courts, and the defense and foreign ministries, all of who were involved in the release of the aid worker.


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