Secoriea Turner 8-Year-Old Girl Got Shot

The loss of 8-year-old girl Secoriea Turner has roiled Atlanta. The prosecutor for the suspect said his client police have made wrong allegations on him. 

Where Secoriea Turner was shot?

The gunfire occurred near Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. Where Rayshard Brooks killed in June. The incident has disturbed the whole of Atlanta. Mr. Brooks, a 27-year-old Black man, was deadly shot by a police officer last month. During a dispute outside Wendy’s. The shooting got caught on a widely circulated video. That provoked the removal of the city’s police chief. Inflamed the pressures over race and patrolling. That trembled the country.

Yes! at the same location, another dispute took place. And another innocent lost her life. 

Who shot Secoriea Turner?

The suspect was charged on Wednesday. For fatally shooting Secoriea Turner, an 8-year-old girl. Officials said The girl died this in Atlanta when an equipped group stopped her family’s car. And began firing.

The teen, 19-year-old Julian Conley charged with two counts. One of the intensified attacks. And one count of offense murder, according to his advocate, Jackie Patterson. The Atlanta Police Department issued a permit for his imprisonment on Tuesday.

The police said that the suspect Conley turned himself in on Wednesday. After that, he was in custody. Mr. Patterson said that his client saw the shooting. He saw three to four people inaugurate firing. Though Mr. Conley himself did not shoot at the car.

“Conley does not know who these people were?” Lawyer said. He does not know the shooter’s name. Neither has any connection with them. The cops do not have anybody else. Whom they can charge, so they chose to charge my client.

Secoriea Turner’s Lawyer’s take on the case:

Prosecutor for Secoriea’s family is Mawuli Davis. He stated that the victim, her mother, and friend of her mom were on their way home. When gun shooting from a group of males. They were well-armed and started firing on the car. One of them was wearing a white T-Shirt. It was on the Fourth of July. The bullets hit the vehicle many times while hitting Secoriea.

The family fellow, who was driving. She rushed to Atlanta Medical Center for a medical emergency. Secoriea went through surgery at the hospital. But did not survive her wounds were deep. Victim’s lawyer said Secoriea’s family does not want the wrong person to go to jail. But he also said that the family was appalled that the suspect is Mr. Conley. 

The lawyer added that This is very painful and frustrating for the family members. They want any eyewitness, including Mr. Patterson’s client. To share data about the incident. That can bring the people guilty of death. So the girl gets justice.

On Wednesday Secoriea’s funeral ritual held in Atlanta. It is mentally disturbing for the family. They just need help with closure. As said by the lawyer. They are still in confusion. It is a very bad dream. From which they can not wake up. 


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