Season 10 American Horror Story: Release Date, Cast and Plot Update

Season 10 American Horror Story: Release Date Cast and Plot Update

A long time running show American Horror Story announced its 10th season.

This look of the show out on social media.

Earlier this year, show creator Ryan Murphy teased the theme for the next installment of American Horror Story and it looked creepy AF.

The look is showing a pair of hands coming out of the Ocean, and it looks hell scary. The look is trying to assist the fans that the season 10 will be having scariness highlighting, Mermaids or Ghost-Ships.

The first look was out by Ryan Murphy the creator of the show. He posted the picture on Instagram with a caption “Things are beginning to wash up on shore..” which completely pointed towards the plot of the show of having a story related to Ocean and Sea Shores.

The series has taken us to haunted houses, sentenced us to an asylum, checked us into a spooky motel, and so much more. The best part of the show’s every new installment beside the scariness is the mystery behind every season’s plot.

The renewal of the new season of the show was confirmed even before the previous ninth season was ended.

Ryan Murphy has even posted the teaser of the show’s tenth season on Instagram with the caption, “#AHSSEASON10”.

What we can expect from the Plot of Season 10?

Talking about the plot of season 5, the plot is yet a *mystery* for everyone. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, Murphy has said the theme of the upcoming season might have to change.

Murphy said in the statement, ” a lot of what he was going to shoot was dependent on a very specific moment, it was going to be a weather dependent show.” This statement indirectly strikes towards the Ocean based theme for the show, since Murphy’s cast announcement teaser did feature a beach.

He added, “So, for now, he doesn’t know, what he is going to do. And what next thing he will do in the future for the show, he also said that he won’t have any idea that he would be able to do this show current year for having to wait for the next year to shoot the show.”

Even after so many troubles, Ryan assured everyone that he will bring an explosive season.

What Cast do we expect to see in the Show? Who will return to the Show?

In an interview in November 2019, Murphy announced that some cast members from the first three seasons may return for the upcoming tenth season.

Ryan Murphy released a teaser announcing all the main cast of the show. The teaser shows that Murphy brought back all the fan-favorite actors for the upcoming series. The show includes:

  1. Sarah Paulson
  2. Evan Peters
  3. Kathy Bates
  4. Adina Porter
  5. Lily Rabe
  6. Billie Lourd
  7. Leslie Grossman
  8. Angelica Ross
  9. Finn Wittrock

According to the sources, it is been reported that Emma Roberts and Cody Fern won’t be seen in season 10, there are rumors of Macaulay Culkin having a cameo in the show.

When we will be able to see season 10?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, but since the start, the show premieres its every season around September or October so we can expect it to air its tenth season near that only.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the air date will likely go back. Now we have to wait for the new updates from Ryan Murphy about the release of the show’s tenth season.

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