San Marcos A Police Officer Killed In A Domestic Violence Call

The City of San Marcos is in grief later a police officer was shot. And pair more injured reacting to a national uproar call.

San Marcos mourns officer
San Marcos mourns officer

However, a short record has been locked up. In presence of the town hall. For slain San Marcos Police Officer Justin Putnam. He lived 31 years old. Although had been with SMPD for greater than five years.

Officer Putnam was with fellow leaders Franco Stewart and Justin Mueller. Saturday nightfall in returning to the national violence call. And was more attacked by persons remaining inside, in addition. The injured officers were last listed in a dangerous situation.

However, that occurred at the Twin Lakes Villas Apartments on Hunter Road. National force calls are very bad for the police. They remember to work. In that forces are now going high. Although in the event, the police held people in might be in crisis. Playing Police Chief Bob Klett reads. ‚ÄúPolice identified that one of the victims was farther. Although there were some more inside. So they had to obtain entry into the home. As they enrolled, he attacked them. He was armed, waiting for them to get in. And began firing rapidly. And there was nothing they could do to avoid the shot.”

Police named the shooter as Alfredo Perez Delacruz, 46. But police say us he may have another alias. Police respond after attacking the officers he shot himself.

Officer Putman’s patrol car has been obtained to San Marcos City Hall at 630 E. Hopkins Street just westerly of the interstate.

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