This picture of Reynolds as a picture of Ryan Reynolds is enough to make your day

This picture of Reynolds as a picture of Ryan Reynolds is enough to make your day

In the month of April, an official declaration is made by Sony. That a live-action movie based on the well-known manga One Punch Man is in the works. I know what you all are wondering! That who will play the role of the energetic superhero Saitama in the coming up movie. Am I right? Saitama, our superhero becomes tired because all his fights end in just a single Punch. So a Reddit user came up with fan art that features Ryan Reynolds as Saitama, and he is looking perfect. Know here everything about it.


A user named Zarting who made fan art of live-action One Punch Movie featuring Ryan Reynolds. In this movie, he is playing the role of Saitama. Though he is the main character of the movie. As we mentioned above Saitama is our energetic superhero who seems tired. Tired because he wants to fight more but end up just in One Punch. Yes, his single punch is so much powerful.

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect choice for playing the character of Saitama:

Ryan Reynolds has already done many Superhero Movies that we all know very well. He is pretty used to this kind of roles and that is the reason he fits best in the role of Saitama. As we witnessed how perfectly he had played the role of Deadpool also! He gets a good saying from both sides. From the attackers and of course from the fans, viewers too. But as of now, it is not sure that who will play the role of Saitama in the movie. Fans are hoping that Sony will choose Ryan Reynolds for playing Saitama.

Let’s Grab Some Details about the Movie One Punch Man:

To write the screenplay of the live-action film, the writer of Venom has been chosen. The screenplay of One Punch Man will be written by Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner who worked on Venom, Jumanji Franchise. The producers of the One Punch Man is Avi and Ari Arad. However, there is no detail about the director, cast, and release date of the film. We will keep you updating as soon as any detail, information about the film comes out.


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