Restaurant Colorado draws crowds again after defying a state order

Colorado Restuarant draws after reopening

A restaurant in Colorado fetches large crowds on Sunday( May 10, 2020). The restaurant was open despite the Corona Virus rife. The whole crowd was packed into Castle Rock’s Cookies &Creme Coffee and Kitchen for its Mother’s Day Rush. The restaurant’s owner, April Arellano, had said that she would go out of business if she didn’t ‘do something.’ The lines were very long, and in some cases, it was witnessed that the people were not following social distancing. Some customers were not wearing masks, even! “It was unbelievable almost,” said one resident. He went to pick up food at the restaurant but left before paying after seeing the crowds.

“I was not even going to eat the food even if I had got it,” he said. “I walked in, took the picture, and turned right around.” Colorado govt. Jared Polis’ office issued a statement on Sunday attacking the actions of C&C Coffee and Kitchen. The deputy press secretary Shelby Weiman said,” These restaurants are not only breaking the law, but they are also endangering the lives of their staff, customers, and groups.”

The Health Official said, “The paper that violating the state’s public health order could result in a $1000 fine or up to a year in jail though. Businesses who violate the order could also have their licenses canceled”.

The customers at Cookies & Creme in Castle Rock, some of whom waited for two hours to have a seat. The distance between the customers was less than the recommended six feet distance. This was seen in one of the videos, shot by Nick Puckett of Colorado Community Media. The Manager told me that the restaurant is doing opening, which the government has not done. He gave these words to the news station, who called the customers ‘patriots’.

The Tri-County Health Department said in a statement, “We are unhappy that Cookies and Creme have decided to ignore the order of the government that is to stay safer at home and had open the restaurant without paying attention to social distancing.” Because all it takes is ONE infected person to infect the rest of all customers standing in long lines waiting for there food, it was so stupid of all that even the staff of Cookies and Creme restaurant were not at all wearing masks. This clearly indicates that the restaurant didn’t care for its customers and also is not showing any helpful hand towards the government and health department in promoting the thought of stay safer at home. They were not only risking themselves but also many lives along with them.

Why? Risking a year in jail, $1000 fine, and even cancel their license. Why? Just for that one busy day?! This is not only the fault of the restaurant but also the fault of customers. Will they die if they will not eat junk food for some days? Will they?! Then why this foolishness! When people 100 years from now read this type of story in the case studies of what not to do during Pandemic, they will wonder, “what in the hell were these idiots doing and thinking?!”.


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