Realme Watch Review: Low Budget? Perfect for you!

Realme Watch Review: Low Budget? Perfect for you!

Are you a Fitness enthusiastic? Tracking daily activities and steps is critical for many fitness fans and thus they need to depend on a fitness band. Because of this many users are switching and getting attracted to the Realme Watch. The price in India of Realme watch is Rs. 3999. Cool? Isn’t it?


The Realme watch was discovered two years back. As we all know that the brand is very famous for its smartphones and this brand is growing super fast in India. Realme is now in the list of the top brands in the country for smartphones. As now the Realme has achieved such a great position in the market for smartphones, it has all the eyes on Smartwatches now! Also along with Smartwatches, Wireless audio, and SmartTV space. Ahead of the launch of the Realme TV and RealmeWatches’ Indian head, Madhav Sheth told that the company has very different goals for the year 2020.

The Realme company has dedicated the last two years for the Smart Phones only. Also the budget to the flagship. But Madhav Sheth in his statement told that this year will be equally divided for the Smart home and lifestyles too.


The watch is well built and also it’s pretty well talking about the fitting of the watch. As everyone checks that the watch suits in his or her hand before buying it. The colors available in the straps are blue, green, and red. The color touch display is of 1.4 inch which offers a screen resolution of 320 by 320 pixels. It shines bright even under the scorching hot of the sun. And also shines bright even in 20 percent brightness level. If you are inside the home, a 10 percent brightness level is enough and well. You can read messages and emails clearly in a 10 percent brightness level. If you are out of your house then just set it to 20 percent level of brightness and it will be perfectly fine.

The brightness setting is provided in the watch so you can do directly from the watch. You don’t need to open the Realme link in your phone to set the brightness level. The bezels to make it better could be a bit slimmer. It would give a much better look and also gives a better viewing experience. In ten days, the battery percentage just dropped to 100 to 12 percent which is mind-blowing. Even after using it 24 by 7! In the box, you will get a separate charger in the box along with the watch. One can just connect the charger to an adapter by placing the watch on the top of it. The watch contains different types of Indoor and Outdoor exercise modes. Such as Run, Walk, Outdoor nd Indoor Cycling, Strength training, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, and many more games and sports activities.

The step tracking is appearing to be pretty exact. The watch of Realme has also an option of Meditation which is very good for your mental health. And that too in this Pandemic situation it will help you a lot gaining mental peace.


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