Pregnant Woman Murdered By DUI Driver Who Was Intoxicated
Pregnant Woman Murdered By DUI Driver Who Was Intoxicated

Pregnant Woman Murdered By DUI Driver Who Was Intoxicated. In Anaheim, Calif. A 40-year-old Garden Grove lady meets vehicular killing and DUI charges after beating a gentlewoman. She was 35 weeks pregnant by her SUV in Anaheim. Hitting the lady and leaving the baby in severe health condition, officials said on Wednesday. The sufferer was recognized as 23-year-old Yesenia Lisette Aguilar. She was 35 weeks expecting with a girl. 


When Pregnant Woman Murdered By DUI Driver Who Was Intoxicated?

The fatal encounter happened just after 7:30 p.m.Tuesday. Near Bayless Street, on Katella Avenue. As per to Sgt. Shane Carringer of the Police Department of Anaheim. Officials said that Yesenia was stepping on the footpath with her spouse. At that time a white Vehicle crossed the edge and beat her.

What did The Sufferers’ Husband Say?

James Alvarez her husband said that one moment he was holding her hand, and swiftly, he wasn’t. According to Sgt. Carringer, her spouse ventured CPR before his companion was carried to a hospital. There she departed.

Anaheim paramedics hurried the woman to UCI Medical Center. There a C-section implemented to rescue the kid. The small girl is presently fighting for her life. He said emotionally said that his daughter is fighting, she is a fighter. He just hopes that everything works well. Hence she is the last person he has of his wife. The victim was so eager to be a mother. Alvarez speaks never to take your loved ones for granted. Her admired ones began a GoFundMe to assist pay for healing and funeral fees.

What Did The Officials Say About The Fatal Incident?

A pregnant woman is killed when she was beaten by a speeding car. Carringer said that the Vehicle driver, recognized as Courtney Pandolfi. She was similarly taken to UCI Medical Center for the therapy for her trivial wounds. Before her arrest on misgiving of vehicular killing, DUI, and riding on a suspended license. Including two prior DUI arrests. Pandolfi may sustain a murder charge,” he said.

Any eyewitness are urged to call Anaheim police at 714-765-1474.

About The Car Driver :

The doubted DUI driver recognized as 40-year-old Courtney Fritz Pandolfi. She is from Garden Grove. Pandolfi charged with one felony count of crime. One offense count of riding under the influence of drugs inducing injury, and one misconduct count of riding on a deferred license.

Courtney Fritz Pandolfi’s Previous Crimes:

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. Courtney Fritz Pandolfi faces the highest penalty of life if doomed on all invasions.

The DA’s office says Pandolfi had three prior DUI convictions, the earliest being in 2008, later 2015, also in 2016. Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer stated in a report. That this incident was 100% preventable. This lady-driver was aware of the results of driving under the influence. Still, she drove the car.

In California, riders condemned of driving under the influence are claimed to be granted what is kenned as a ‘Watson advisement. That notifies them that if they cause death to someone. While riding under the influence, the driver can be charged with murder. Spitzer states Pandolfi charged the Watson advisement all three times. 


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