According to the Officials Police Pushed An Old Man at the Buffalo Demonstration

Police Pushed An Old Man

Two Police officers at the Buffalo Police Station were suspended. The reason for the suspension of both the police is that they pushed a 75-year-old man. The old man came in the Buffalo as the protester. He was pushed by these two police officers. And the pushing scene was recorded in the video. As proof, by seeing the video, both the police officers at the Buffalo station got suspend. This was told by Mayor Byron Brown.

The investigation case was filed by the commissioner of the city after the incident was all in the video clip. After the detailed investigation, both the police officers at the Buffalo was suspended. Mayor Byron Brown was not able to identify the police officers who push the old man. Brown also share his feeling and was deeply disturbed after seeing the video. The video was published by the local national public radio affiliate, WBFO.


The 75-year-old man who was been pushed by the two police officers mercilessly was immediately taken to the local hospital. Though his situation is serious he is in stable condition. Brown said this giving updates about the old man’s health. Also on Thursday night, the video was viral on Twitter within a few hours. In that video, you can witness the old man is seeing going towards the huge group of police officers and saying something to them. However, the officers were yelling for him to move back but before that one police officer was captured pushing the old man without mercy.

The old man trips in a backward direction and falls down due to the hard push. Immediately after a few seconds, the blood starts coming out of his head after the hard fall.  However, the incident took place a few minutes after 8 p.m when the city began its curfew.  This was according to the report of the NBC affiliate WGRZ.

The spokesman of the Buffalo Police Station didn’t respond instantly after he was asked to give a statement regarding this incident. In the report of WGRZ, it is mention that the Buffalo Police Department said that the man, who was not yet identified. He was hurt after he stumbled. And he also fell down on the ground. Although this video clip was captured by Mike Desmond.  However, he did this outside the city hall who is a reporter working for WBFO.


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