Pirates Of The Caribbean Reboot Is On The Cards! And This MCU Star Might Sail For The Lead


Among Disney’s all-time favorite film series is making a comeback. The blockbuster super hit film series, Pirates Of The Caribbean, is obtaining a reboot. Disney was planning the restart because of 2018, and it’s finally happening.

The Pirates Reboot

Daniel Richtman of all Disney would like to have a female to direct the reboot set of their popular franchise.

The Female Fight

It’s been reported that the studio was keen on registering a Guardians of the Galaxy, Jumanji, and Doctor Who star as the female lead. The studio was interested in the celebrity for quite a while now. Both Karen and Disney are to confirm the news.

The Team  

Ted Elliot that had been a part of the first Pirate series, was roped in as the author of this reboot. Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman would be the manufacturers of the movie. The Manager of the film hasn’t yet been declared.

Budget For The Film

The funding set for the film is $100M plus. Regardless of the rumors, the reboot has been made to get a theatrical release and less a Disney+ show.

Can Johhny Depp Comeback As Jack Sparrow?

Odds of Johnny Depp returning to the franchise are somewhat slim. Sean Bailey, President of Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Production, had stated in 2018 the studio would like to bring in new energy and energy to the Pirates franchise via the reboot.


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