Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Producers spill the beans after Johnny Depp’s inclusion in the film

Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Producers spill the beans

Johnny Depp could return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6

The actor and original hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga could be supposed to declare in the sixth episode.

Johnny Depp could is considered to return in the sixth part. Because it is so serious a question from the followers. That maybe he could be in it.

Disney started the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean

The Disney organization already started the new chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean. and at first, it would not have the aid of Johnny Depp. It is something that disturbed millions of people.

However, it looks that they are now rethinking that. And the actor could replay the pirate Jack Sparrow in the new film.

Question about Johnny Depp

the biggest problem is: what of Johnny Depp? The first film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Catapulted Depp to global superstardom and made him an Oscar naming for his appearance. As seafaring rogue Jack Sparrow. Depp has starred in every following film and adopted the persona wholeheartedly. hardly showing up to the D23 Expo or the Disneyland display in full crowns. It’s just that in the times since Depp’s own life has become more complicated. Aside from his characters in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movies. His business instincts have wavered. About the time the last Pirates of the Caribbean began, Depp was so active that he couldn’t do press for the movie.

The producer thinks to reboot Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

As per the references, alike to the spin-off that earned a place in Bumblebee of the Transformers saga.

This new movie will take place in an identical universe. But it will not be a return of the five preceding films. Which starred Jack Sparrow.

When questioned about Depp’s role, Bruckheimer was cagey. The one we’re growing right now, we’re not sure really what Johnny’s role is continuing to be. Bruckheimer told. “So, we’re working to have to see.”

A female character will follow the film:

Last week they confirmed that the female character will direct the film. She will play the Scottish actress Karen Gillan. She worked in Jumanji as well.

It should be considered that Disney lifted Depp in 2018 after the actions. What transpired with his ex-wife Amber Heard for family violence.

This broke a few months ago when it took a full turn after some audios. that began to light where it is determined that the actress hit the actor.

That is why Johnny’s fans within social networks have argued for the return to the right to be Jack again. So fans created the hashtag #NoJohnnyNoPirates.

This is where netizens have looked out that outwardly Johnny Depp, the right doesn’t do sense.

As of immediately, it continues to be discussed what role Depp will have in the original feature. And whether or not it will concentrate on this new role. However, future Pirates of the Caribbean portions are a top preference for both Disney and Bruckheimer.


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