One Direction: Fans Disappointed On The Band's Anniversary

One Direction followers who were eagerly gazing forth to the band’s 10th ceremony. They were expecting a probable reunion. Those were left unsatisfied during previous band member Zayn Malik slipped to concede the lofty day. Zayn was the alone member who missed to post a tribute.

Why One Direction Fans Are Disappointed?

One Direction fans are sad over Zayn Malik’s wireless hush on his earlier band. One Direction’s 10th anniversary. It was on July 23, 2020. The beloved boy band settled on the X Factor in 2010. And other members Harry Styles, 26, Louis Tomlinson, 28, Liam Payne, 26, and Niall Horan, 26. Everyone posted regarding the exceptional day on Thursday. But Zayn, 27, omitted the band in 2015. Because of coping with stress. He did not make social media post. Many devotees stood wishing to see the past band member make a genuine message stayed left disappointed.

How Did One Direction Fans React?

Numerous supporters asked the musician to speak something. Social media users also yielded memes around waiting up. To notice if he made a quotation to the anniversary. One enthusiast posted saying that Zayn, just a little ‘thank you’ would mean a lot to fans, please. Besides, another penned saying Zayn… say something… please. 

The singer is currently foreseeing his first baby. With an on-off supermodel love partner Gigi Hadid. Zayn’s exit from the band in 2015 seemed caustic. Despite, the star refusing any break with the leftover members. The other four remained casually. But declared they would be holding a pause following that year.

Every one of the four members posted ardent applause to each other and their supporters on a touching day. And Simon Cowell, who created the band. He wrote a sweet note on Twitter. Saying that those days were very special. He was fortunate enough to meet five guys. They were abundant fun. Extremely talented. It felt like 10 minutes ago. And boys made it happen.

What the members Posted? 

Harry Styles declared he had been striving to settle words. That how thankful he is to the band, fans, and The X Factor. Because there is their profession started back in 2010. Posted a remainder photo of the fivesome one stage.

He wrote that he has been trying to put into speeches how obliged he is for everything. That’s fallen over the past ten years. He saw everything that he could only dream of when he was growing up. He had the joy of gathering and operating with remarkable people. And earned bonds that he knows he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Adding to that he wrote None of this would be attainable without the support audience gave on the way. Moreover, for that, he will stay eternally thankful. He just can’t think that ten years passed. Thankful to his crew, his team, and everyone else. Whoever cheered them on the way. To all the fans, He loves them, and he is thankful by all his heart. The fans made it happen. And fans changed everything. And in the end, to the boys, he couldn’t be prouder of everything they accomplished together.


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