Nigerian Teens Shot Trailer of Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Extraction’

Nigerian Teens Shot Trailer of Chris Hemsworth's

Lagos, Nigeria The Nigerian Teens popular for altering multimillion-dollar song videos. And film trailers with house items may be going to Hollywood.

Features of Ikorodu Bois took the opening Wednesday. After the group received on social media. Their quiet remake of the trailer for the Netflix movie, “Extraction.”

Brave by high-end products, the Sanni brothers. Muiz, 15, and Malik,10 (with video-editing help from the older sibling, Babatunde). And their relative, Fatwas Aina, 13. They took the trailer in their area in Ikorodu. A neighborhood in Lagos, utilizing their ability. The ever-present wheelbarrow, and some upcycled pieces.

Once uploaded, they set their followers to share. And check lead star, Chris Hemsworth. And Netflix to catch their notice. Presented by the American duo, the Russo Brothers. “Extraction” stars Hemsworth as Tyler Rake. A soldier tasked with protecting the youthful son of a detained drug lord. He is kidnaped by a competing boss.

A couple of hours after, Netflix shared their post. Stating, “LOVE THIS.”

The video further captured the thought of Hemsworth. He Reshared the video, saying, “EPIC.”

But what caught their thought was wonderful attention. From film raisers, the Russo Brothers. They posted the video and asked them to the beginning of “Extraction 2.” In May, Joe Russo said that they had obtained the deal to record a sequel.

“This is wonderful! We would like to have people. At the #Extraction 2 opening…DM us and we’ll see you there!” they responded in a tweet.

Nigerian Teens responded with elation.

 answering the remarks from the raisers and Hemsworth was a fantasy come true.

“This is the day we’ve been expecting for all our lives.” They stated in a tweet response to the request.

Babatunde Sanni, the 23-year-old. He’s the head following the crowd but doesn’t look in the video. Stated the trailer had got them a month to proceed.

“Some times we ask but end up re-shooting. Just because we needed to do our most useful.” Babatunde Sanni said.

While the plan indicates an important addition to the kid’s thoughts. It’s not the prime time their innovative videos have earned notice.

Since building their Instagram page in 2017, they have accumulated more than 600,000 fans. Some of its content has spread virally. And they’ve got kudos from elder actors. including star Will Smith, Netflix “Money Heist” actor Alvaro Monte. And rapper Roddy Rich.

Babatunde Sanni said it was paying to see all their tough work give off.

“We are so glad characters are going to understand us globally.” He stated.

Nigerian teens remade a trailer of Chris Hemsworth acted that is Extraction. This trailer is going on the internet. And millions of characters are seeing it. This trailer displays viral. And a great number of spirits are seeing it. These Nigerian boys recreate the trailer so well. That no one can discover the mistakes.

Low Budget trailer 

Nigerian Teens remade this trailer in a really low budget. And the first authors of the trailer. Also, that glorified the remade trailer.

The Nigerian boys express themselves as personal mimickers. Of Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction. These boys remade the trailer with the remedy of the home items. They use home items in every view. 


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