New Store Closing in Elkins: Gordmans closed due to COVID

New Store Closing in Elkins: Gordmans closed due to COVID

The Elkins area of Gordmans opened for business Friday. But published it will be joining shortly. The aftermarket was significantly affected while the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gordmans of Elkins, established in the Valley Pointe shopping mall. Which held its great opening on March 4, 2020. The store was earlier a Peebles. It had been revealed in Elkins for longer than 20 years. On May 10, Stage Stores CEO Michael Glazer published a ‘winddown’ of services in stores.

Maintaining the company, which is Gordmans’ corporate parent. ‘filed voluntary appeals under Chapter 11, as we together run a sale process for our profession or any of our assets. And start a regular wind-down of our plans.’

Last year the news was out as Elkins Peebles set to reopen as a Gordmans

Last spring the Peebles department store decided to transit into a new store. It was a part of a move to close all the remaining Peebles locations.

Gordmans located at the 20,000-square-space in the Lafayette Shopping Center that Peebles had occupied for almost 14 years since Ames closed.

According to a press report, a spokeswoman for stage stores. The parent company of both Peebles and Gordmans, the transit gotta complete by last summer. The statement also exposed that there are no foreseen job losses in any of the 38 conversions from Peebles to Gordmans across the country.

In the statement, it is also stated that the store was going to be closed for a few days while the company changes signage and redesign the store.

The Marietta Kmart’s future was also unsure after its parent company at that time.


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