Disney Plus The New Mutants: Release Date? What Do We Know?

Disney Plus The New Mutants: Release Date? What Do We Know?

The Mutants a horror-shade X-Men spin-off movie was finally is ready to hit the big screen after a couple of delays on April 3, 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been delayed again.

Due to which it has been suspected that movies might be released on Hulu an app owned by Fox/Disney, or may release under the title of Universal Pictures.

The delay story of the spin-off has been very big, it was originally going to be released under the banner of FOX in April 2018 which got delayed to February 2019, which was also delayed because Disney bought Fox and was rescheduled to 3 April 2020 which is also delayed due to Corona crash.

Seeing the delay dates of The Mutants it is being said that maybe Disney is inhibiting the release of the movie as the main date for the release was 2 years ago in February 2018.

If we talk about the plot of the movie The Mutants as far as we got the information from the source is, “The film revolves around the five mutants who have to battle the risks of their skills, and also the crimes of their past, they are not like superheroes who are out to save the world from enemies they are here to save themselves.” That what we have seen in both the trailers of The New Mutants.

The teaser represents all mutants are in the hospital out of which one mutant is treated with painful tests and all responses to the unidentified and nameless invisible horror. Even the dialogue from the teaser represents the storyline, “This is not a hospital, it is a cage.”

The most raised question about the movie is whether the movie is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The answer is still a doubt, in January 2020 the movie was considered as a part of MCU because of the Disney own D23 email newsletter proclaimed that The New Mutants as a seriously thrilling new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but after some time the Disney removes Marvel Cinematic Universe and after they deleted the article from their website. So no one can surely proclaim about the movie The Mutants to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe or not.

The same day it was claimed that a notice regarding the message of The Mutants to not be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, there were not any sources mentioned regarding the announcement. After all this, we can only assume that The Mutants is not a part of Marvel but even we are not 100% sure.

Why The Mutants sets separate from the standard Superheroes Movie? When we see the trailer of the movie it won’t make you feel like some horror movies, and that’s what they actually want. The slaughtering characters and some plans from the Marvel Superhero Comic makes it a terrifying carnival till the end. In April 2018 during an interview one of the Actor from the movie said, The Mutants will be scarier than anything we have seen till the date in superhero generation.

In The New Mutants, the roles of five mutants and of doctor are played by, Danielle Moonstar as MirageRahne Sinclair as WolfsbaneIllyana Rasputin as MagikBobby da Costa as SunspotSam Guthrie as CannonballAlice Braga as DrCecilia Reyes.

By tallying all the quotes and both the trailers of The Mutants we can say that the movie will be pretty rich in the screams.


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