UFC Fight Night: Nate Landewehr Made Two Huge Cuts to Darren Elkins’ Head

UFC Fight Night: Nate Landewehr Made Two Huge Cuts to Darren Elkins' Head

Team Alpha MMA’s Darren Elkins, with the UFC for 2010. It was seeming to catch a three-fight skid. Meanwhile, he ran up upon Nate Landwehr on Saturday. A preceding bout on the UFC on ESPN 8 card. Elkins was no uncertainty feeling the stress against Landwehr. He had done his Octagon debut earlier this year. In a failing effort versus Herbert Burns.

Nate Landwehr delivering a Fight of the Night worthy effort against Darren Elkins.

Darren Elkins began the prelim fight with a few hits. He tarried busy with the left hand. Beating Nate Landwehr with it with a high-resolution rate. Landwehr was shooting back. But Elkins extended to pepper him with left hands. And the special power right. Elkins plunged in and clutched a single-leg. Lagging Landwehr downward. Landwehr was able to change position and briefly found himself in a guillotine. However, he jumped out and stood up.

Landwehr began to burn more hits and Elkins was cut sensitive. Landwehr was becoming hyped up. But Elkins was assuredly setting the stand-up changes. Elkins forged a takedown to produce a phonebooth-style switch between both men. Landwehr shifted forward, ate a head kick. And arrived a right hand before the round stopped.

Elkins took the jab moving again. But Landwehr was competition. Landwehr brushed off A takedown effort. Which arrived a slick uppercut back. Elkins, as general, proceeded to seem at a high rate. The shifts started to increase as both men were turning for the barriers. A huge overhand right arrived for Elkins. But Landwehr, who was seeing much strength in the second round. He descended a mixture on the veteran. Elkins ended the distance, but Landwehr was waiting for it.

He bolted up a plum clinch and hit a large knee to the head. Forcing him off afterward. A cracking elbow docked as Elkins was getting in. starting up another cut on him. The judge halted action briefly to check on the injury to Elkins. Both men put on a concert with 30 seconds left. Landwehr was showboating and screaming. And Elkins was driving the action.

Elkins fired for a takedown right away. But Landwehr changed position and had Elkins on his rear momentarily. Elkins was wearing a red mask, twirled out, and shot for a takedown. Landwehr shoved him again but ate a combo after they departed. Both men were getting benefits, but Elkins was powerless to get the takedown he wanted. A huge combo and a right hand landed for Elkins. With fewer than 20 seconds left, Elkins and Landwehr drove down. Elkins was injured right before the end of the round. And we had an old pick for Fight of the Night.


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