Nashville man attacked married couple with Matchey after being disappointed over lockdown

Nashville man attacked married couple with Matches

A Tennessee couple was in severe trouble after a man hit them with a sword. Because he was mad about closings that were holding place as the coronavirus pandemic. As police responded.

Kelvin D Edwards, 35, beat Kevin Craft, 55, and his wife, Leanne Craft, 50. They are of Brentwood, on Sunday evening at a Public Storage site in Nashville. The Metro Nashville Police Department said in a report.

Edwards took the sword from his bin at the room facility. And resumed hitting the couple. Even later they were suffering on the floor, police stated.

The sufferers were brought to a hospital after officers. Who replied to the view used many tourniquets to check their bleeding.

Why Nashville Man Edwards assaulted?

Machet of Nashville Man Edwards

However, these times of Coronavirus shutdown are difficult upon us. For staying caged for a long period doesn’t suit people. But we have to cope with the position. But a man-made the reverse of what’s been assigned to do.

A homeless man was charged with two counts of shooting. Sunday after he struck a husband and wife with a knife. Because he was mad over abandonment throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelvin Edwards, 35, randomly attacked the couple. As they required as consumers inside the office of a Public Storage shed.


He said the law requires that coronavirus pandemic disappointed him. And that he could not start the Nashville Rescue Mission. so he dispensed his anger in a sharp bit on characters he did not know. 

Rescue Mission, an institution that supports homeless people. It has continued openly to individuals without security during the pandemic.

Police stated they found Edwards with his fists. He raised in resignation on the road outside the office three minutes after they got a 911 call regarding the shooting.

Prosecutors said Edwards, who is abandoned, told them he hit the couple. To express his anger about the coronavirus shutdowns. And his failure to get into Rescue Mission. It is an industry that serves homeless people.

The Nashville Rescue Mission has continued openly to people without shelter as the pandemic.

Police told Edwards, who provides an Arkansas driver license, has been in Nashville since 2016. He had a prior offense piracy sentence in 2017. And also was sentenced for the attack after drooling on two Davidson County sheriff’s agents while in jail.

He was caught and charged with two counts of tried murder for the crime Sunday. As police said. It was not instantly clear if he had a lawyer who could talk on his part.


Kevin Craft, 55, and Leanne Craft, 50, are in severe disease at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. after six police deputies employed various tourniquets. Policemen told Edwards to move to discover the victims. Even later they were on the ground very bleeding.

Machete of Nashville Man Edwards

According to the statement, Edwards had a problem at the accommodation ability. Which probably held the machete. 

Police introduced the finished call at 2:47 p.m. After the attack, Edwards stepped out of the warehouse facility. Drove the machete down, and persisted in the street with his support increased.

Police told Edwards held an Arkansas driver’s license with a Rock approach. But he has been in Nashville since at most limited 2016 when he caught.

In 2017, he condemned of a terrible explosion. While in jail, Edwards did a charge with purposely spitting on two Davidson County Sheriff’s deputies. Two counts of murders he did for that.


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