NASA Scientists prepares DART mission to protect space rock hit Earth

NASA Scientists prepares DART mission to protect space rock hit Earth

The Mission DART- Double Asteroid Redirection Test is directed by NASA TO THE Applied Physics Laboratory. The following are the NASA centers name which will help conduct this mission:

  1. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
  2. Goddard Space Fight Centre (GSFC)
  3. Johnson Space Center (JSC)
  4. Glenn Research Center (GRC)
  5. Langley Research Centre (LRC)


DART is a planetary defense driven test of technologies for preventing an impact of technologies for preventing an impact of Earth by a dangerous asteroid”.

The DART mission is the first example of the KINETIC IMPACTOR technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space.

  • Discovery (by Joe Montani, Spacewatch, KPNO) – April 11, 1996
  • Provisional Designation – 1996 GT
  • Aphelion – 2.2755 AU
  • Perihelion – 1.0141 AU
  • Heliocentric Semi Major axis (a) – 1.6444 AU
  • Eccentricity (e) – 0.38388
  • Orbital period (about the Sun) – 2.11 years
  • Orbital Heliocentric inclination (i) – 3.4078*
  • known satellites – 1
  • Rotation Period (of primary body) -2.26 hours
  • Distance between primary and moonlet – 1.18 km
  • Orbital period of moonlet – 11.92 hours (tidally locked)
  • Diameter of Primary – 780 m
  • Diameter of Moonlet – 160 m
  • System Mass – 5.278 multiplied by 10
  • Density – 1.7 (+or- 0.4) g/cm3
  • Spectral type – optical, infrared
  • Absolute Magnitude H – 18.16
  • Last Close Approach to Earth (nov 2003) 7.18 multiply by 1000000km
  • Close approach for DART mission(oct 2022) – 11*1000000km

The type of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission is Asteroid Impactor. All manufacturer of all the parts is Applied Physics Laboratory. The weight of the launch mass is 500 kg. The power is 3.5 kW and the dimensions are 12.5 m* 2.4 m. The mission will be launch on 22 July 2021. The name of the Rocket is Falcon 9. Also, the contractor is SpaceX. The impact date of the DART Mission is October 2022.


The targeted asteroid of this mission is 65803 Didymos. It is a binary asteroid system in which one asteroid is orbited by a smaller one.

Didymos A in diameter is about 780 m (2560 ft).
Didymos B in diameter is about 163 m (535 ft).

DART will target the smaller asteroid which is Didymos B. Didymos is not that type of asteroid that will cross the earth. And this experiment will not create any risk though.



By the Italian Space agency

6U CubeSat



By Gomespace and GMV

6U CubeSat Orbiter

Camera, Monostatic low-frequency radar, accelerometers and gravimeter

Will attempt to land on the asteroid surface



By Swedish/ Finnish/ Czech/ German consortium

6U CubeSat orbiter

Camera, VIS/ Near-IR Spectrometer, Volatile analyzer, and magnetometer

Will attempt to land on the asteroid surface




DART at 6 km/s will produce a velocity change on the order of 0.4 mm/s which leads to a small change.



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